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Unifico’s Account Component Gets an Admin

The Account Component in the Unifico Framework which is serving as a sample component now has an admin. Two supporting developments for the admin are also up: the paging HtmlHelper and overridable embedded views. Allowing for the embedded views to be overridden by placing new views in App.Web greatly eases development and should help in Component maintenance and versioning (new views can be made without rebuilding the component). I am also rather happy with the eas to which views are made overridable.

The paging turned out quite well, a few changes to the PageResponse<T> to implement IPageable made things fit really nicely. For example if PageResponse<User> is passed to the view from the controller, the paging can be generated with default settings in the snippet below. I also made use of my QueryString extension methods to make it work with populated QueryStrings (and have support for many pagers).

<%= Html.PageListing(Users) %>

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