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September 2008 Blog Posts

Sculpture – Model Your Life

A coworker referenced me to the Sculpture project. The project looks to be a huge time saver for Enterprise Application development. It removes the work of doing things such as the CRUDS through the use of models. "Model your life" or "Get your life back". :)  What is Sculpture? Sculpture is a .NET open source Model-Driven Development code generation framework ideal for creating and managing .NET Enterprise Applications. With Sculpture you can model your application components, and then transform this model to deployable components for your favorite technology. Sculpture comes with a host of ready-made Molds (The word "Molds" come from Molding) like (DAAB, NHibernate,...

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I have used XSD.exe countless times to create a class or dataset from an XSD or XML file. It's easy enough to obtain an XSD from a SQL Query, but what about the other direction? What about creating a database FROM an XSD? I found an interesting (old) app that does just that (and quite well). Check it out. Note the example usage is missing the type in the flag. If you are creating sql just set the type to SQL ("-t SQL").  Not sure if this was a good idea on Authorize.NET though…

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MVC Charting

And for a record short post: The charting works in MVC

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A Programmer Takes the GRE

I am currently applying to graduate school (Aerospace Engineering) and need to take (and do well on) the GRE. I took it without preparation and did fairly well, well enough to meet requirements. However, I never like to 'meet requirements'. So back to the GRE for me, and this time I have to study! The most room for improvement was as expected on my verbal. This means studying vocab (oh no!). I talked to a few folks and did some research and found the common knowledge was to use flash cards and the study books. ...

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If you have to use the 'Wizards' from ASP.NET, CSS Friendly is an absolute must for CSS styling. The tables that are emitted by the wizards are replaced with DIVs which can be styled.  Project Description The CSS Friendly Control Adapters kit (for ASP.Net 2.0) provides pre-built control adapters that you can easily use to generate CSS-friendly markup from some of the more commonly used ASP.NET controls. Goals The goal of the CSS Friendly project is to transform as many of the traditional ASP.Net web controls to provide CSS-friendly, browser-compatible markup. The project will be released as a single DLL...

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SQL Server 2008 Database Projects

To create SQL 2008 Database Projects install the CTP from here:  I expected this after SP1 for VS08, but apparently the Database Edition is on a different timeline?

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Google’s Chrome

 I have a new favorite browser. Rather than recap it from a developer's point of view I will just point to an excellent comic created by Google which introduces the new features: Some of my favorite features: Drag a tab out of the browser window, enabled by process separation. Resizing form fields (text area)! Minimalistic user interface. Everything else they added.  One oddity, Chrome is not added to the application path during installation. To get around this I just created a shortcut and put it in a common location which I have in my application path (the environment variable). You could...

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