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Google’s Chrome


I have a new favorite browser. Rather than recap it from a developer's point of view I will just point to an excellent comic created by Google which introduces the new features:

Some of my favorite features:

  • Drag a tab out of the browser window, enabled by process separation.
  • Resizing form fields (text area)!
  • Minimalistic user interface.
  • Everything else they added.


One oddity, Chrome is not added to the application path during installation. To get around this I just created a shortcut and put it in a common location which I have in my application path (the environment variable). You could also just add the Chrome application directory to path as well. With this I can now do Windows+'R' then 'chrome' and be wherever I need to be.



Just after writing this I crashed it (it was on the chrome web page). And sadly, all the Chrome Windows closed as chrome became unresponsive and was killed by Vista (so much tab separation).

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