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December 2008 Blog Posts

Paging Helpers in Unifico, Filtered and Sorted Paging

Unifico has a few paging helpers to make service methods easily paged from a client. Essentially the framework makes consuming a page request object as simple as calling .ToList() on an IQueryable source. The object, the PageRequest, has two collections, Filters and Sorts with several constructors to make instantiation easy. The collections are rather straight forward, providing filtering and sorting ability on a paging source. The uniqueness comes from the ability to request multiple filters and sorts together, along with a paging request. This request is then execute on the IQueryable source, so if DLINQ...

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The Unifico Framework’s Organization

One major aspect to Unifico is its organization through assemblies and namespacing. Assemblies are 'cut' by component to allow for component plug-ability. One major goal of the project is to allow for a component to be easily added to an existing site without conflicting with other equally significant components. With a few modifications (to come) Unifico allows for a whole component to be dropped in as a dll without recompilation by virtue of Structure Map. Currently, each component's assembly has to be added to structure map in a common class, the 'bootstrapper'. Within each component...

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Introducing the Unifico Framework (UF)

First let me say that the code is in early state and publishing it is intended to gauge interest and recruit developers. What is the Unifico Framework (UF)? It's an architecture that has evolved while addressing various concerns in several real world projects. Currently it's nothing more than an example, and at that an example implementation of a simple example. In this example however many issues are addressed such as scalability, dependency injection, test driven development, and plug-in ability. Written in C# against MVC Beta and ASP.NET 3.5.1 the code currently recreates the account 'component' of the...

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