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October 2008 Blog Posts

Recover Database Schema with DBML (SqlMetal)

I upgraded SQL on my laptop and during the process managed to 'lose' my database…. Total n00b move. I couldn't recover the database file (it was over a gig and was quickly written over). Determined not to recreate the work since the last backup, I kept searching for a solution. Then it hit me; pull the database from the data context (dbml) I created with SQLMETAL. Simply call CreateDatabase(), and 'bam' database recovered. Whew!!!

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LINQ to SQL Debug Visualizer

If you use LINQ, check this out, it's definitely worth the time. You can execute LINQ statements at the break point. "One of the nice development features that LINQ to SQL supports is the ability to use a "debug visualizer" to hover over a LINQ expression while in the VS 2008 debugger and inspect the raw SQL that the ORM will ultimately execute at runtime when evaluating the LINQ query expression."

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X Server for Windows, Xming

Running programs remotely through ssh is great with Linux or Mac OS X with the –X flag. Not quite as easy with Windows. I lean on PUTTY for my ssh, which of course does not come with an X Server. Xming will piggy back with Putty to run an X Server on windows and allow you to remote the application with the –X flag. The application has worked great for running GUIs off the HPC through ssh.  "Xming is the leading free unlimited X Window server for Microsoft Windows (XP/2003/Vista). It is fully featured, small and fast,...

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Differential Equations in Matlab

Matlab may be used to solve differential equations symbolically as well as numerically. Well, actually Maple is being used behind the scenes. This can be seen whenever an error occurs with the solver 'Error using ==> maple at 129'. Regardless, say you wanted to solve for a spring mass damper system under a forced oscillation:  m*d(d(x))+c*d(x)+k*(x)=f*cos(w*t)  The solution is lots of fun to do by hand, but faster and easier in Matlab using dsolve. Dsolve calls Maple to symbolically solve the system. The solver can solve for a single equation with boundary conditions or for systems of...

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Domain Email for Cheap

For $6.99 a year you can have your own mail domain. Something like The route I chose was to go with to order the domain name. I then use Google Apps' Standard Edition to host the mail ( The process is fairly straightforward. After registering for the Google app just apply the mail records from Google into the mail records for the domain on 1and1. That's all there is too it, and in a few days your mail will up and running.

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Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Overview

An overview of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 was posted on MSDN. Now, where to apply for the beta… Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Overview

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Regular Expressions in MS SQL Server with CLR

 I found a great post on how to add Regular Expression functions to SQL Server through CLR functions and extended the methods slightly. The functions allow queries such as the one below to be performed. I was concerned with performance initially, but a few tests and I am blown away by the speed. The original post can be found here,, and my modified code below.  select dbo.RegExReturnMatch(UserName, '(\w+\d+)') match from aspnet_Users where dbo.RegExMatch(UserName, '(\w+\d+)') > 0order by match  The query above will return usernames from the aspnet_users table that start with words and are followed by numbers (Such as ccook123, but not...

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