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November 2012 Blog Posts

Crashplan and Volume Shadow Copy Errors (Fixed)

For the longest time I have been logging Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) errors in my Windows Application log every few seconds. I use Crashplan to back up my machine online – other than those errors I have been very happy with it. I didn't have much luck trying to fix the error previously and have been living with it until I stumbled upon the fix. When cleaning up space on C:\, I noticed the Crashplan cache was consuming a lot of space (9 GB on an SSD in my case). I moved the cache to the backup drive...

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Modified False Position Method in C++ Accepting a Function Pointer

The modified false position method is fairly straightforward to implement. The method is described in most numerical methods texts in easily translatable pseudo code. The method requires evaluating the function during the solution process, requiring in a naïve implementation hard coding of the function being solved. Function pointers can be used to pass a general function to the method, so that one implementation can be used to solve various functions. In particular, member function pointers can be used to root solve a function for one of many independent variables. Consider for example, f(x,a), where you would like...

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Migrating an MVC site to Orchard Project (Part 1)

I have been moving an MVC web site of mine to the Orchard Project. As a developer I love working with MVC, however, I had not found a nice solution for content management. All of the solutions were too intrusive, tainting the MVC flavor of the site, or rather young projects I didn't want to invest in. A recent survey of Content Management System (CMS) solutions found me looking right at the Orchard Project. The project is not 'light', but it is very elegant. The project uses the 'MS Web Stack of love' which...

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