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November 2011 Blog Posts

A C++ Interpolation Class for Tabled Data

I have wrapped the interpolation method using the Fenics Project into a template class. The class is template on the interpolation basis function so that the user may choose the order of interpolation. The class also contains an array of y values so that it may serve as a table of values. Part of this is a map to the variable name for convenience when calling for tabled values. Since all the work goes into extrapolating to a higher basis function when the Constructor is called, lookups are cheap to retrieve. The cost should be about the...

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Interpolation/Curve Fitting in C++ with the Fenics Project in 1D, 2D and 3D

My recent research has been with the Fenics Project, which is an amazing finite element project. In general it provides the tools needed to solve differential equations with the finite element method. For some examples check out their website and view the demos and applications (my interest is in CFD). In my particular code I need to interpolate tabulated properties (steam tables) with some reasonable level of accuracy. The solution in MATLAB is straight forward, call interp1: y_i = interp1(xs, ys, x_i, 'cubic');  Where xs and ys are vectors of known x and y values and y_i is the interpolated...

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A bit more on the personal side …

The posts so far have been rather technical in nature, but this post is a bit different. It's a bit more personal as I am sharing my recent engagement to my amazing fiancée Kristy. It's an exciting time and I can't wait to see what's down the road for us. We have started planning for the wedding which is roughly two years out. The process is being well documented on her blog, I Do Times Two.  image source

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