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January 2009 Blog Posts

Unifico Load Tested with and without WCF Remoting

This is rather exciting to me; I just ran a few load tests on Unifico with and without remoting the services with WCF bindings. I knew the application could remote. The concern was how efficient. I created a quick web test that simply goes through the admin, lists the admin lists, performs a filter, edits and saves an item, then logs out. Roughly every action was hit (eh, it's a spike :)). I then setup the bindings and ran a load test remotely and locally (remotely being hosted on I like to call the...

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Using a Recursive Expression to Create an Html Menu

I find recursive expression to be really useful. They are particularly handy when dealing with parent child relationships. As a demonstration, see a potential method for generating a site map below:     1 using System;     2 using System.Collections.Generic;     3 using System.Linq;     4 using System.Text;     5      6 namespace SiteMapDemo     7 {     8     class MenuItem     9     {    10         public Guid ID { get; set; }    11         public Guid? ParentID { get; set; }    12         public string Name { get; set; }    13         public string Path { get; set; }    14         public int Rank { get; set; }    15     }    16     class Program    17     {    18         static void Main(string[] args)    19         {    20             List<MenuItem> menu = new List<MenuItem>(new[]{    21        ...

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Paging with Filters and Sorts added to Unifico

Two new additions were added to Unifico: filtering on fields and sorting on fields with the help of Html Extension methods. A PagingSet class was defined to contain configuration options for the paging. In this way a View can still page on more than one list and maintain complete control over the Html rendered. Every string used in the Html Helpers is pulled from the configuration (A default is made available). Several extension methods were added to the Html Helper to make rendering the controls easier. The filtering html form can be rendered with <%= Html.FilterInput(Paging, "Go")...

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Unifico’s Account Component Gets an Admin

The Account Component in the Unifico Framework which is serving as a sample component now has an admin. Two supporting developments for the admin are also up: the paging HtmlHelper and overridable embedded views. Allowing for the embedded views to be overridden by placing new views in App.Web greatly eases development and should help in Component maintenance and versioning (new views can be made without rebuilding the component). I am also rather happy with the eas to which views are made overridable. The paging turned out quite well, a few changes to the PageResponse<T> to implement IPageable made...

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Allowing for Dynamic Embedded View Substitution with MVC

A while back I found an interesting post on embedding resources in MVC at "The Glass is Too Big" ( Following the method was straightforward and allowed views to be embedded within a Component Class Library. Well, two extra items would be nice. It would be nice to not have to write that large plug-in path, and if a view was defined in the views folder it would be returned in lieu of the embedded view. Adding this support required two modifications. First the AssemblyResourceProvider was modified to check for the view's existence by adding...

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