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NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference 2012

NVIDIA's CUDA is making headway into the CFD field with some exciting performance increases. As a researcher and developer working with CFD I am interested in learning as much as possible about how to use CUDA (or more generally the GPU) to enhance my simulation capabilities. NVIDIA is hosting a GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California from May 14th to 17th (2012) which has many sessions on CUDA. In particular they have 29 sessions on CFD which are very interesting: Definitely check it out if you are interested in numerical simulations!  "GTC advances awareness of high performance computing, and...

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Some essential tools for new graduate students

A higher quality of work is expected of graduate students by advisors, peers and others. One of the best ways to start producing a higher quality of work is to start using more advanced tools to produce your work. These particular tools will help you produce material that visually impresses and assists you in producing graduate student quality material. LaTeX LaTeX is a "document markup language and document preparation system" that makes your work of print quality. Instead of a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) editing paradigm used in visual programs such as Microsoft...

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Update Summer 2011

I have been lax in updating posts on the blog.  Mostly this is because I have been transitioning from web development to my Ph.D. research work in Aerospace Engineering over the last two or so years.  The topic of the blog thus far has been mostly web development related, with less significant posts on the topic recently. I’ve decided to transition the blog into my current focus, research, as my personal focus has also shifted (it is a personal blog after all).  As part of this I have updated the blog engine itself (subtext).  Many thanks to those at...

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A Programmer Takes the GRE

I am currently applying to graduate school (Aerospace Engineering) and need to take (and do well on) the GRE. I took it without preparation and did fairly well, well enough to meet requirements. However, I never like to 'meet requirements'. So back to the GRE for me, and this time I have to study! The most room for improvement was as expected on my verbal. This means studying vocab (oh no!). I talked to a few folks and did some research and found the common knowledge was to use flash cards and the study books. ...

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