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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Getting rid of an ants nest in a parked car

I keep my car parked outside with a car cover on it and move it about every two weeks. This seems to have made it an ideal home for ants, even though there is nothing they could eat in there. They seem to have decided it's a great home, and to just bring their food to the nest in the trunk…

I put the car cover in the trunk running errands one day, nothing out of the ordinary. When I was home and took the cover out of the trunk I noticed a whole swarm of ants migrating to the car cover… Apparently they decided the car cover was slightly better than the trunk and were moving.

I tried a few ant baits as suggested, but what really worked was gel bait that you spray. It lasts up to a year and lets you place 'lines' which the ants cannot cross. "Raid Max Bug Barrier" did the trick for me – I'm sure others make similar products.

I laid a barrier around each tire, by drawing a circle with the gel around it. The idea was to keep them from being able to go out and get more food, or at least kill them on the way. I wouldn't suggest spraying the bait on the tire itself as ehow suggests – it might damage the rubber.

I also lifted the carpet in a few locations in the car and sprayed a line of the gel. Again avoid putting the gel on something it might damage, such as the carpet. Surprisingly, the next day the ants were dead. No more roaming ants around the cabin either. Now, to keep the roaming dogs away from the cover…

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