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First Post

As a web developer of five years now, a personal blog is well over due. I was always concerned that it would just become yet another blog (YAB). In the end I decided the blog would benefit me regardless of whether it had any following. It would serve as a technical journal for personal reference in the future. Many times I come across a recurring issue and wish I had documentation on what was done. A classic example would be the details of a Linux distribution installation and its customization.

A little about me, my name is Charles, and I am a web programmer and mechanical and aerospace engineering student. The topics of this blog will probably follow those topics. I am in my fifth year of professional web programming, working in c# ASP.NET and SQL 2000, 2005, though I often deviate. I am also entering my fifth year of engineering, where I do more technical computing in Matlab and data acquisition in Lab View.

I will keep the first post short, till later then,


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